Milk tart

This milk tart recipe requires a pie crust that is not included in the recipe.
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Milk tart is a traditional South African tart enjoyed at tea time or for desert… or just anytime you feel like something sweet!

There are a number of different recipes for milk tart, some are easier than others. This particular recipe is typically the same as the ones you can buy at the local shops like Spar, Checkers or Pick n Pay.

Milk tart

Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 8 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Whisk eggs, sugar, cornstarch, flour and vanilla together.
  2. Heat milk and butter on medium. DO NOT BOIL.
  3. Add 1/4 of the milk mixture with egg mixture whisking to incorporate evenly.
  4. Pour back into the milk mixture.
  5. Return to heat and stir constantly until it thickens. DO NOT BOIL.
  6. Pout into the prepared pie crust and let cool.
  7. Once cooled, refrigerate.
  8. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top before serving.
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